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Monday, June 2, 2014

Is Sherubtse a school or college?

We are mostly aware of what hot dog looks like. With comparison to the above statement we can clearly identify what Bhutan looks like. We are a small nation that of red role between two giant nations called India and china. Due to its size, Bhutan has just 3 universities where sherubtse is the oldest college in Bhutan. Before it use to cater to all different streams but now it only takes arts and science .in 2013 there were about 600 students but now the college has around 1000 plus.
Unlike other university that provides free food in lunch but here the atmosphere is different. Instead of having food, you are bound to make your own three square meal. From the government of Bhutan we are provided with 1500 nu but it reaches just nearly 1200 to us. We are declared as government scholarship. Is this what scholarship defines?  Gedu College which recently started has comfortable sit with 2 people sharing a single room but out here in the oldest college we are cramped in room of 3 people each and they promises us that they will put 4 person in a single room next year. Have a look in DH 4 in room number 10, when you enter, foul smell would greet you and in total there are 10 people sleeping and living there.
It’s not only the facilities that struck you. During my high school days, the food was just good but the learning environment was excellent with neat classroom having comfortable sits and light equipment. But out here you have to carry your own chair. At the start of the class if you are late, be prepared to carry your own chair or share with your fellow mate who is thin. Peak of learning says the motto. If the college authorities’ introduce bell system, we would be same as normal school but school would be better off.
If my financial status were better off I would have intentionally joined RTC but coming from a middle class Bhutanese family. I had no other option but join this old college. People say old wood is best to burn and old wine to drink but this college just shames the old proverb. We don’t ask for anything great to happen to us but all we want is peace and loving environment. We are not asking for favor but I believe it’s our right.

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