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Sunday, June 1, 2014


If you search my name in Google, a brown man with a title of dasho would pop up but that’s not me. I am a normal Bhutanese citizen who loves to eat chili even after suffering from stomach ulcer and who believes in death and rebirth (karma). I want to get married with a beautiful girl and have children and to lead a peaceful and happy life. My name is Karma Galey and it was given by my father.it has a story in it.my father tell me that when my mother was pregnant for 6 month, he had a dream were a dark man came into his dream and told that the child would be a boy and name him Karma Galey.

Being a last bencher whole my student life, my grades were just normal all the time. I was the one who would always shout form the back but would get black out in front of others especially with the girls. Now I am man who has traveled half the country, and was hospitalized for two times after a fatal car accident and still breathing to succeed. From my childhood days I would get lost in reading the news in Kuensel and other paper, I would land up reading the paper time and again. I always had a fantasy to write and write. I don’t want to inspire others or tell you what’s good or bad. I just want to write my own story that I have seen and felt.

It’s been only over a year but now I am proud to say that I am a journalist in making.  I want to be voice to voiceless and the gun to corrupt politician. And I promise you that after 5 years type my name in Google and guess what!!!!! My photo would be there 
That’s who I am and will never change for anyone.

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